Microblading & Powder Brows

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We offer NO CHARGE consults 7 days a week, during which, together we determine what technique is best for you.  Everyone wants Microblading, but Microblading is not for everyone, nor should it be done by just anyone.



The manual method using a hand tool and pressure…     MICROBLADING – which is intended to mimic hairstrokes

Powder Brows

The electric tool method using a machine and power supply… POWDER BROW technique – which heals to a soft powdery makeup look

While, I hold multiple certifications in both Microblading and Powder Brows, the Powder Brow technique has become the permanent brow method of choice in my studio, here are a few reasons why:


-Healing process is inconsequential

-Virtually no flaking, no loss of shape, ink retention nears 100%

-Two appointment service

-Often the second appointment is brief as so much of the original work remains in tact

-Fewer contraindications

-Suitable for most situations where Microblading is not recommended

-Can be used to cover or correct poor/old permanent brows

-Less expensive long term

-Clients can go 2-3 years between touch ups


Powder Brows… this is not your Grandma’s brow tattoo.

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