Brow Design

brow design is not “one size fits all”

My approach to brow design is a collaborative effort with the client to ensure a flattering and natural looking brow with the least amount of maintenance possible 

Often, I am shown a picture of a client’s dream brow

It is usually very dark, with a dramatic arch…otherwise known as the trendy “IG brow” 

I first explain that there is a world of difference between makeup ON the skin vs ink IN the skin

We then talk about how brow design in my studio involves technical measurements, natural brow hair placement, as well as bone structure and facial features, along with what the client wants to see in the mirror

Not every face is meant to have a bold brow with a dramatic arch, but a beautifully shaped, polished looking brow, is always on trend

My approach to customized brow design ensures that your brows look amazing for years to come.  By designing within your natural brow placement and selecting the perfect colour with your skin tone and brow hair in mind, my work ages very well

I'm happy to discuss this further at an always NO CHARGE consult

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