Choosing an artist

What you should know

During consults with clients seeking removal/correction of work done by others, inevitably the conversation goes to signs that should not have been ignored.

I get this. I did it myself and ended up with poor work done in a risky environment.

Please know, it is OK for you to leave if something feels off.

Here are some common reasons to be more than a little anxious about your choice of artist or studio:


– If you are uneasy or lose confidence for any reason
– If your artist expresses difficulty or lack of experience with their mapping tools
– If you are spoken down to, or conversely, are in total control
– If the studio is not in a separate room free of pets and fabrics
– If your artist gets pushy or defends subpar work or a brow drawing you do not love
– If the sanitation practices are questionable

Choosing an artist

Meet in person
Mutual like and trust must occur during that meeting

Trust your gut
Seriously, trust your gut

Look for a very high degree of studio cleanliness
Any concerns? Move on

Check Certifications
Check training dates to determine years of experience
Multiple certificates indicate commitments to advanced education
Ask for Blood Borne Pathogen certification

Health Inspection Report
Artist are required to post report in a visible location
If report is not classified as “Routine”, an issue was identified on the prior inspection
Check date of last inspection

Collaborative Effort
Brow mapping should result in both of you loving the final design

Ask family and friends
Good news travels fast, bad news travels faster

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